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How To Install an Air Horn

Jul. 24, 2018

When it's time to step up your car or truck's aural impact, installing a powerful new air horn is the way to do it. But before you install your horn, make sure you're doing it right - and legally - by following these instructions.

How To Install an Air Horn

Choosing The Best Air Horn

Air horns, also known as train horns, send out an incredibly loud blast of sound, even from a small package. Air horns are available in two main types: Electric horns like the Wolo Bad Boy are self-contained, utilizing electrical relays to drive a compact air compressor to make sound. Other horns, such as the Wolo Giant Air Horn, have inlets for you to hook up an external air compressor. Generally speaking, you'll get more volume out of an externally-driven air horn than a self-contained one, as your truck's on-board compressor/tank has significantly more power. (Note: many of these horns are available with the compressor and tank included, so don't worry if you don't have one yet.)

Installing Your Air Horn

Okay, so you've got the air horn. Now it's time to mount it and hook it up. These instructions may be slightly different depending on which model you choose:

Find a good spot under the hood to install the horn(s). The ideal mounting position is towards the front of your vehicle, and pointing a bit downward so that water doesn't collect in the horn.

Mount the horn to your vehicle, using the supplied mounting hardware and screws.

If necessary, install the included compressor to your firewall or a fender.

Hook the compressor up to the horn with the included tubing, making sure it's securely located and free of kinks.

Track down the factory horn wire and test it. Your multimeter should show 12 volts when the horn is pressed, and 0 when it's off.

Connect the relay to the horn wire, hook the compressor up with 12-volt power and ground, and connect the compressor's negative terminal to ground

Test your new horn - if everything is done right, you'll hear both your factory horn and the air horn.

That's about it! In just a little bit of time your car, truck, or SUV will be bolder and louder than ever. 

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